Architectural works are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. Therefore, function and the general aesthetics cannot be separated. Here, Astariglas® serves both purposes, offering a building material that appeals to architects, builders and the construction industry, particularly given the acrylic sheets excellent optical properties, its light weight, and resistance to the elements and shock. The versatility of Astariglas® cannot be understated.

  • 优异的光学性能
  • 重量轻
  • 耐候性
  • 容易制造


  • 檐篷
  • 巴士站
  • 上釉
  • 天窗
  • 安全窗口
  • 飓风
  • 声屏障
  • 照明灯具
  • 障碍
  • 门面
  • 安全和紧急标志
  • 方向标志
  • 建筑特色


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